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Pre-Production Tip - Organize Your Master Drives

A POST PRODUCTION TIP FOR PRE-PRODUCTION: Organize Your Master Drives By: Roberto Cardenas  You will not make the most of your time and post budget if you have disorganized data spread across multiple drives. Having one well-organized, user friendly drive location allows your post team to quickly locate footage and other resources for your project, instead of taking too much time hunting clips down or possibly missing some magical piece of footage that takes your scene to the next level. So, as your production staff gathers resources for your editing team, here is an effective organizational structure to keep in mind. Media Files – Keep all of your project’s raw footage together in one folder, separated by clearly labeled subfolders for various types of reels (B-Roll, Scene 1, Shoot Day X, Interviews, Drone Shots, Stock Footage, etc.). Sequences – Your producing team will likely lay out sequences of footage and audio to begin the storytelling process of your proj