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Post-Production Tip: How To Pick An Editor

POST-PRODUCTION TIP:  HOW TO PICK AN EDITOR   By: Roberto Cardenas The right – or wrong – editor can make or break a project.  Who is the right editor? Obviously, you need your editor to have working knowledge of the most current editing tools and techniques and to be able to execute any special editing skills your project requires. But, also, don’t ignore the creative, collaborative and personality elements that make some editors a success and others…well, not so much. How do you find the right editor? Below is a list of interview questions that will help you suss out if an editor is good for your team and project. Before you start asking these questions, though, we impart the following advice:  As you ask these questions, it is important to not just listen to their answers but to hear HOW the editor answers. How they answer can tell you a lot about their ability to communicate their opinions and logic, their attention to detail, and their concept of pacing an