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POST PRODUCTION TIPS: Building Your Communication HUB

POST PRODUCTION TIPS:  Building Your Communication HUB  By: Roberto Cardinas When the director shouts “That’s a wrap!”, it’s only just the beginning for the post production team. Post has a ton of moving parts and deliverables that need to happen efficiently and on time, so it the project can stay on budget. The best way to make sure this happens is to have a solid communications plan and tracking method in place. Here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients of your hub: Deliverables Schedule It’s a tedious job, but someone’s got to create a calendar of ALL of the tasks and deliverables for the project. Every scene, every sound mix, every visual effect, every graphic, every…you get the picture. Be meticulous, be all-encompassing, and be  realistic  about the timeframes needed to get each task accomplished. Roles & Responsibilities Make sure to assign a team member to each task, so you know who is responsible for its forward progress. It is also a good idea to

POST PRODUCTION TIPS: Protecting Your Assets

POST PRODUCTION TIPS:  PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS  By Michael French You’ve got your footage, a unique vision, and the right people and equipment in place to bring your project together. Well, you may have overlooked a critical component of post-production. No one wants your project compromised due to a lack of security and protection, so make sure to get the right security protocol in place as well. Below is a list of 15 key measures you should take to protect your assets while in post. 1.   Designate one team member with the appropriate knowledge/capabilities to take responsibility for ensuring security of the project. 2.   Implement an effective process for secure asset management, transportation, tracking, storage, recall, destruction, and incident management. 3.   Document your security protocol and pass it to everyone engaged in the project, including remote locations and third parties. Foster discussion at the beginning of their involvement, so every colla