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15 Tips for Negotiating Job Terms

15 TIPS FOR NEGOTIATING JOB TERMS  By Roberto Cardenas A good deal of entertainment industry folk will be nailing down new jobs in the near future, as we come out of this pandemic-enforced hiatus. Not all of us have agents to do the heavy lifting of negotiating terms. For those of you that are on your own, here are some tips, coming from our team members with experience on both sides of the table. Understand the person across the table.  Do your research to know the personality you are dealing with, what matters to him, and the most successful tone to set for the discussion. Know what is common.  Research terms for similar employees at the company for perspective, then go with terms at the TOP of that range. Employers will either say “yes” or negotiate down…they will  never  negotiate up.  Focus on your future, not your past . It is expected that you will periodically get a bump in salary, title and terms of employment as your experience and knowledge grow. So, pl