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Post-Production Tips: 2Editors X 6Qs By Jessie Pickworth   We asked the same 6 questions to 2 editors that frequent the 16:9 Post bays…here’s who they are:   Sergio Villa Years editing: 22 Genres: Documentary film , scripted/doc/reality television, commercials Current Project: The Florida Man Murders (Oxygen Network) Recent Projects:  Backyard Envy, Rhythm + Flow Hoa Mai Years editing: 10 Genres: Documentary film Current Project: Untitled Bryan Fogel Project Recent Projects:  Seduced, Inside the NXIVM Cult, Shut Up and Dribble, The Defiant Ones, Sonic Highways   Here’s what they had to say:   What is your editing software of choice?   Sergio: Avid Media Composer is my go-to software...been using it for so long I feel like Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon on it. I like Premiere as well, but sometimes I feel like I'm piloting the Flying Winnebago from Spaceballs when working on that platform.   Hoa: Avid. For no other reason than that's what the projects offered to me have b