OPENING DOORS: MARKETING YOURSELF AS AN EDITORBy: Roberto CardenasYou can’t always rely on previous employers to land a new gig. To help you get yourself in front of a new audience (and make a good impression when you get there), we have put together an easily digestible list of tips:Do some market research…and keep doing it regularly.·Check out what your competition, mentors and idols have been up to. The skills they are demonstrating in their recent projects can tell you where you may need to shift focus. The companies they are working for may help you build your hit list for the next job. Their presence online may give you some ideas for how to market yourself and home in on your own value proposition.·Bookmark industry news sources. Anything that will help you build your craft through education and build your network through knowledge of key players. Then, put a tickler in your calendar to read them at least once a week. If there’s an email subscription, sign up so the news comes …

Post-Production Tips: Keeping the Workflow Flowing Despite COVID

Post-Production Tips: Keeping the Workflow Flowing Despite COVID By Michael French
With so many health and safety limitations on production these days, a lot of the onus to bring a project to life falls on the post-production staff. Making something out of almost nothing is not an easy task, but we need to find a creative way to do so if we want to be working these days. With this in mind, we have outlined 8 tips to help you keep the lights on and your output at top notch.
1.You still need high quality equipment, so you have two options if your team doesn’t already own a workstation at home: One, find a post house that takes the COVID situation seriously and allows your team to come in to a safe, distanced space (ahem…we have that covered at 16:9 Post); Two, rent high-quality, customized workstations (we have that covered too).
2.Map out team communication protocols with regular team calls/video conferences and set up communication platforms for group collaboration and tracking progress.…

High Impact Social Justice Through Film

High Impact Social Justice Through Film By Jessie Pickworth

2020 has become a year of change – whether we like it or not. Change does open the door for more change, though, so this is good news for people seeking social change. With the world primed for movement, a strong way for your voice to be heard is through documentary film. But many documentaries fall through the cracks – for various reasons. If you want your documentary seen, here are some things to consider.
Bigger Budgets Allow for Better Access Unless you are telling your personal story in your own backyard, you will need resources to get to your subject, help finding and following the facts, time in an edit bay, and so on. There are only so many favors you can ask, so the more money you have to spend, the stronger your project will be. Luckily, there are more than one way to skin this cat. If you have connections – anywhere – use them. Know a production company that might want to partner? Have a friend that got into a tech com…


POST-PRODUCTION TIPS: BREAKING INTO AR & VR By Michael FrenchAR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) and, the newest form of altered reality have had an obvious place in the gaming industry for a while now and is slowly making its way into the entertainment industry as better and better (and more affordable) user technology is developed. But, what you may not realize is the broader use of AR/VR in industries like healthcare, retail, marketing, education, military, travel/tourism, music, fashion, manufacturing and more. In short, entertainment-folk, learn AR and VR and you have amazing growth potential whether the entertainment business is flourishing or not!
Let’s say that now you are intrigued. What’s next? You know nothing about AR and VR…
Start with the basics:
Augmented Reality is the addition of digital element overlays to a live view of reality, such as filters that give you cat ears in social platforms or being able to catch a Pokemon 2 feet in front of you through you…

15 Tips for Negotiating Job Terms

15 TIPS FOR NEGOTIATING JOB TERMS By Roberto CardenasA good deal of entertainment industry folk will be nailing down new jobs in the near future, as we come out of this pandemic-enforced hiatus. Not all of us have agents to do the heavy lifting of negotiating terms. For those of you that are on your own, here are some tips, coming from our team members with experience on both sides of the table.
Understand the person across the table. Do your research to know the personality you are dealing with, what matters to him, and the most successful tone to set for the discussion.
Know what is common. Research terms for similar employees at the company for perspective, then go with terms at the TOP of that range. Employers will either say “yes” or negotiate down…they will never negotiate up. 
Focus on your future, not your past. It is expected that you will periodically get a bump in salary, title and terms of employment as your experience and knowledge grow. So, play your hand based on your valu…


17 TIPS FOR WORKING REMOTELYBy Michael FrenchWorking from home is today’s normal. While it seems like a dream situation, working from home has its own difficulties…distractions, anti-productivity traps, lack of social outlets, miscommunications, work-life imbalance…We checked in with our colleagues who have year-round work-at-home situations to bring you advice for making this new reality work for you.1.Set up a dedicated workstation. Your work space should not be in the middle of your personal space. Find a spot tucked away from family members or roommates that may also be setting up shop at home. A permanent place where you can have privacy and space to accomplish your work in an organized fashion. 2.Be flexible with your workspace. When you are not being productive, or when you aren’t physically comfortable, sometimes a change of scenery can do you good. Try a different room or even working outside. Standing at counter can help get the blood flowing. Sitting on the sofa can make you…