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High Impact Social Justice Through Film

High Impact Social Justice Through Film  By Jessie Pickworth 2020 has become a year of change – whether we like it or not. Change does open the door for more change, though, so this is good news for people seeking social change. With the world primed for movement, a strong way for your voice to be heard is through documentary film. But many documentaries fall through the cracks – for various reasons. If you want your documentary seen, here are some things to consider. Bigger Budgets Allow for Better Access Unless you are telling your personal story in your own backyard, you will need resources to get to your subject, help finding and following the facts, time in an edit bay, and so on. There are only so many favors you can ask, so the more money you have to spend, the stronger your project will be. Luckily, there are more than one way to skin this cat. If you have connections – anywhere – use them. Know a production company that might want to partner? Have a frie