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Best Production Company Logos and Title Cards

POST PRODUCTION TIPS:  Best Production Company Logos and Title Cards  By: Michael French Looking to brand, or rebrand, your production company? The good work you do will build your reputation in the industry. But for those that don’t know you already, a solid logo and title card will be what builds awareness. So, let’s get to the heart of what makes the best logo and title card. BE UNIQUE – While it’s wise to look at other brands for best practices and inspiration, do not be derivative of another logo. Apply what makes their logo exciting to your own, fresh idea. CATCH THE EYE  – Find one strong element of attraction that will engage the viewer. Just one that makes them look a little longer and take it in. Too many competing elements will result in a jarring jumble of focal points. EMBODY YOUR PERSONALITY  – You don’t want people to just know your name, you want them to know what you are all about; how they should feel about you. For example, Dreamworks has a


POST-PRODUCTION TIPS: 10 TIPS FOR WRITING DOCUMENTARY NARRATION   By: Jessie Pickworth    When images can’t tell the whole story, narration adds depth and completes the picture. If narration isn’t executed well, it can kill a documentary. Below are 10 tips from the 16:9 Post team for making sure your VO elevates your project instead of dragging it down. 1.      Know how you plan to use narration before you shoot. Common uses include: introducing subjects or featured talent, imparting info that is not obvious to the viewer, bridging segments of the story, highlighting what is important, and summarizing key points. 2.      Don’t let preconceived notions dictate your direction. Plan for how to use narration at the onset, but not what to say. Theories created during pre-production may get altered by the reality you shoot. Watch and listen to the edits to make sure you are narrating the truth of your project. 3.      Know when NOT to narrate. If your scene says all that