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Post-Production Tips: Keeping the Workflow Flowing Despite COVID

Post-Production Tips: Keeping the Workflow Flowing Despite COVID  By Michael French With so many health and safety limitations on production these days, a lot of the onus to bring a project to life falls on the post-production staff. Making something out of almost nothing is not an easy task, but we need to find a creative way to do so if we want to be working these days.  With this in mind, we have outlined 8 tips to help you keep the lights on and your output at top notch. 1.      You still need high quality equipment, so you have two options if your team doesn’t already own a workstation at home: One, find a post house that takes the COVID situation seriously and allows your team to come in to a safe, distanced space (ahem…we have that covered at 16:9 Post); Two, rent high-quality, customized workstations (we have that covered too). 2.      Map out team communication protocols with regular team calls/video conferences and set up communication platforms for group c