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Post Production Tips: Lower Thirds - 10 Do's, 10 Don'ts

Post-Production Tips: Lower Thirds  10 Do's, 10 Don'ts  By: Michael French  Attention to detail is a must for every service we provide at 16:9 Post. So, we thought we would dig deep into detail on one of the details of post-production…lower thirds.  Whether it’s film, tv, or digital, here are 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts to ensure your lower thirds add to your story without distracting from it. DO: 1.      Use a lower third when a person’s identity would not be known without seeing their info in text. 2.      Use a lower third when you need more information than visuals and sound provide to complete the story. 3.      Base your lower third graphics on the style of other graphics already used in the project. 4.      Ensure that there is ample contrast between the lower third and the background. 5.      Choose colors that complement the color scheme of the project but create enough contrast to stand out. 6.      Create consistency in the lower

Post Production: 12 Tips for Trailers that Deliver

Post-Production – Trailers That Deliver  12 Tips for Success  By: Roberto Cardenas Your project may be Oscar-worthy, but without an attention-grabbing trailer you won’t have an audience. So, take in a few tips for building out a trailer that will bring in the crowds. 1.      Seek out the “defining moment.”  What is the moment in the movie that demonstrates the film’s logline? That moment of purpose, the dialogue that cuts to the core, the instant conflict begins…get to the point of what drives the film. 2.      Tell a story.  Remember that the trailer is a narrative, just like the film – albeit abridged. Viewers need to understand the story, not just the “vibe” of the film. Have a through line and a three-act structure, in which you introduce characters, the situation, the inciting event, and their struggles into resolution…but don’t show the resolution! That’s just not cool, man. #spoileralert 3.      It’s okay to think non-linearly.  Intercutting moments fro