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Post Production Tips: The Secret Sauce of Brian Skope

Post Production Tips: The Secret Sauce of Showrunner / Director, Brian Skope   By Jessie Pickworth When something tastes good you ask for the recipe. And when a television show works, you should ask for the same thing. Especially when the person who made it is veteran docuseries EP and Showrunner, Brian Skope. He built a solid career in documentary television, and is now Co-Founder of Whiz Bang, a production company that creates documentary/reality series for your favorite television networks as well as branded content for major consumer product corporations, esports industry leaders, and top social media influencers.  Recently, I asked him about his post-production process and what he thinks are the keys to his success…   Me:  Brian, you have made a variety of television and digital content for everything from bearded men in the wild to competition shows to e-sport docu-follows. What is your recipe for delivering a show that the network, or your client, loves? Brian:  I h


TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR FILM ON BUDGET  By Roberto Cardenas  A well-executed film makes a great calling card. But, no one will come calling if they hear you can’t make a film on budget. Investors care about return on investment and, simply put, the higher you go over budget, the lower their return. We want your projects to not only be creatively mind-blowing, but fiscally attractive.  Here’s some tips for running a tight ship: Utilize your budget wisely by hiring experienced crew members. You get what you pay for, and people with experience know how to be efficient with their talents.   Pad your budget with about 10% extra for the unexpected. You can plan all you want, but you can’t control or anticipate everything. It’s better to have a slush fund for when you get rained out, your equipment breaks, or your lead comes down with the flu mid-shoot. Create a treatment (designed to be executed within your budget) that all stakeholders can sign off on before you start shooting.