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POST-PRODUCTION TIPS: BREAKING INTO AR & VR  By Michael French AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) and, the newest form of altered reality have had an obvious place in the gaming industry for a while now and is slowly making its way into the entertainment industry as better and better (and more affordable) user technology is developed. But, what you may not realize is the broader use of AR/VR in industries like healthcare, retail, marketing, education, military, travel/tourism, music, fashion, manufacturing and more. In short, entertainment-folk, learn AR and VR and you have amazing growth potential whether the entertainment business is flourishing or not! Let’s say that now you are intrigued. What’s next? You know nothing about AR and VR… Start with the basics: Augmented Reality  is the addition of digital element overlays to a live view of reality, such as filters that give you cat ears in social platforms or being able to catch a Pokemon 2 feet i