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OPENING DOORS: MARKETING YOURSELF AS AN EDITOR By: Roberto Cardenas   You can’t always rely on previous employers to land a new gig. To help you get yourself in front of a new audience (and make a good impression when you get there), we have put together an easily digestible list of tips: Do some market research…and keep doing it regularly.   ·        Check out what your competition, mentors and idols have been up to.  The skills they are demonstrating in their recent projects can tell you where you may need to shift focus. The companies they are working for may help you build your hit list for the next job. Their presence online may give you some ideas for how to market yourself and home in on your own value proposition. ·        Bookmark industry news sources.  Anything that will help you build your craft through education and build your network through knowledge of key players. Then, put a tickler in your calendar to read them at least once a week. If there’s an email subscription,