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17 TIPS FOR WORKING REMOTELY By Michael French Working from home is today’s normal. While it seems like a dream situation, working from home has its own difficulties…distractions, anti-productivity traps, lack of social outlets, miscommunications, work-life imbalance… We checked in with our colleagues who have year-round work-at-home situations to bring you advice for making this new reality work for you.   1.      Set up a dedicated workstation . Your work space should not be in the middle of your personal space. Find a spot tucked away from family members or roommates that may also be setting up shop at home. A permanent place where you can have privacy and space to accomplish your work in an organized fashion. 2.      Be flexible with your workspace . When you are not being productive, or when you aren’t physically comfortable, sometimes a change of scenery can do you good. Try a different room or even working outside. Standing at counter can help get the blood flowin