Best Production Company Logos and Title Cards

Best Production Company Logos and Title Cards 

By: Michael French

Looking to brand, or rebrand, your production company? The good work you do will build your reputation in the industry. But for those that don’t know you already, a solid logo and title card will be what builds awareness. So, let’s get to the heart of what makes the best logo and title card.

BE UNIQUE– While it’s wise to look at other brands for best practices and inspiration, do not be derivative of another logo. Apply what makes their logo exciting to your own, fresh idea.

CATCH THE EYE – Find one strong element of attraction that will engage the viewer. Just one that makes them look a little longer and take it in. Too many competing elements will result in a jarring jumble of focal points.

EMBODY YOUR PERSONALITY – You don’t want people to just know your name, you want them to know what you are all about; how they should feel about you. For example, Dreamworks has a title card that shows they deliver imagination and dreams.
·      Seek out a symbol that translates or represents the personality of your brand. This requires some deep dives into the type of work you do, what characteristics you want to be known for, and how you want to make your audience feel.
·      Color palette and typeface should befit your brand and reflect the genre of work you do. (Scary movies require a “Killer” bold color vs soft, romantic colors; YA rom coms may require a more delicate font vs a manly font that suits outdoor adventure docs.)

BE DYNAMIC – Your logo should be engaging in its static form, but clever in its animated version (You ARE in the moving pictures industry. Give your logo some movement and life.)
·      Play with 2D graphics to give your static logo some depth and pop.
·      Add sound to grab attention and further define your work/brand, like the majestic and powerful MGM roar, or the THX sound that seems like it is moving around you, or the comedic “Not a Doctor, Shhh” in Dr. Goor Productions’ title card.
·      Add animation – Whether it builds into your logo (like Dolby Atmos) or is simply a moving part (like Pixar), this is another way to tell your story and show your personality. Once your logo is well established, you can even have real fun with this, like Pixar and Dreamworks do.


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