Post-Production Tips: 2Editors X 6Qs

By Jessie Pickworth


We asked the same 6 questions to 2 editors that frequent the 16:9 Post bays…here’s who they are:


Sergio Villa

Years editing: 22

Genres: Documentary film, scripted/doc/reality television, commercials

Current Project: The Florida Man Murders (Oxygen Network)

Recent Projects: Backyard Envy, Rhythm + Flow

Hoa Mai

Years editing: 10

Genres: Documentary film

Current Project: Untitled Bryan Fogel Project

Recent Projects: Seduced, Inside the NXIVM Cult, Shut Up and Dribble, The Defiant Ones, Sonic Highways


Here’s what they had to say:


What is your editing software of choice?


Sergio: Avid Media Composer is my go-to software...been using it for so long I feel like Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon on it. I like Premiere as well, but sometimes I feel like I'm piloting the Flying Winnebago from Spaceballs when working on that platform.


Hoa: Avid. For no other reason than that's what the projects offered to me have been on.


Name the plug-in you feel every editor should have?


Sergio: Sapphire is still the top plugin, but Red Giant's Universe is a close second. If Red Giant can work out their numerous glitches on Media Composer I would love that.


Hoa: I got nuthin'.


If you could work on any project/film/television show (any genre), what would it be? 

Sergio: I'd love to work on the Eric Andre show or something weird like Mostly 4 Millennials. I cut on Wonder Showzen about 80 years ago and I really dig working on irreverent, in-your-face comedy.


Hoa: I enjoy documentaries because of the type of people that gravitate towards it.


What is one key skill you think every editor these days should learn?


Sergio: Master Your Audio. I would like every editor to learn how to cut music (don't just dissolve between cuts). And, tweak your levels as you edit so if you were in a pinch, you could air your rough cuts at a moment's notice. I hate sloppy audio work.


Hoa: The ability to adapt.


What is one piece of advice you would give a novice editor to ensure they are successful in the industry?


Sergio: Try to always be learning something new, whether it's watching videos, YouTube tutorials or blog posts on Facebook editor groups. And now since so many people are working remotely, don't be afraid to ask extra questions to your producers to really get the gist of what they're looking for in your edits.


Hoa: Don't ask the same question twice, don't make the same mistake twice.



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